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Digital Foundry excited about Fast RMX on Nintendo Switch

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The new video analysis from Digital Foundry is dedicated to Fast RMX, the sequel to Fast Racing Neo which is already available for Nintendo Wii U. The fast futuristic racing game, loosely based on titles like Wipeout and F-Zero, behaves very well on Nintendo Switch, joining the spectacular visual with a fluidity of extreme game.

FAST Racing NEO is one of independent titles that have collected the favor of the public of Wii U eShop, much to even deserve a publication in physical format and a new edition on Nintendo Switch.

The team of Richard Leadbetter has analyzed the new version of the game, called Fast RMX, revealing that the game runs with no frame rate drops, almost always, and called the most beautiful futuristic racing title currently available on the market, although it is not that the list is so crowded.

While Fast Racing Neo had a dynamic resolution that oscillated between 640×720 and 1280×720, Nintendo Switch is able to run Fast RMX between 1080p and 900p resolution when the console is seated on the dock. If played in portable mode, instead, Fast RMX stands at a resolution of 720p. The title also features extensive improvements on the front lighting, atmospheric effects and also the game menu.

Good news regarding the framerate, which stood at 60fps in almost all occasions, whether it’s in single or split-screen up to 4 players (on the contrary, Fast Racing Neo showed some declines right up to 50fps).

Below, you will find the video made by Digital Foundry. Fast RMX is available on Nintendo Switch at 19.99 dollars. Shin’en Multimedia has announced that the first title update will introduce the mode of Time Attack.