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Digital Foundry disappointed by the household performance of Nintendo Switch

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The presentation of Nintendo Switch has caused very different reactions among the public, professionals and even investors, who do not seem to have given confidence to the new platform of the Japanese house. For the analyst Michael Pachter the console is too expensive and it is an objective fact that the line-up of launch is incredibly poor from the numerical point of view.

The editors of Digital Foundry have got a taste of Nintendo Switch, remaining partially disappointed by the technical performance of the console: if on the one hand the portable mode can impress, on the other hand the experience of home gaming does not deviate much from the performance of Wii U.

It lacked to date the technical opinion of Digital Foundry, words that arrives by the mouth of Richard Leadbetter and John Linneman: the two have tried Switch respectively in the London event and one in Frankfurt, but while Linneman said he was generally satisfied with the experience, according to Leadbetter the console is saved only because of its portable nature, where the use of console at home offers performance close to that of the Wii U. If it had been a pure home console, in short, Nintendo Switch “would be a complete disaster.”

The sensations of the English head compared to the technical potential of the platform and of the first games shown are therefore negative, in particular by way of a resolution often less than 1080p, even for simple titles such as Super Bomberman R and especially Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, in pratice a porting from Xbox 360 that seems Capcom intends to sell for $40.