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The Biggest Differences Between WoW Classic and The Original

There are a number of key differences between WoW Classic and Vanilla, so here is what makes them stand out.

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One of the biggest questions on the minds of Warcraft fans is just how does the new rendition of the original WoW differ. If you take a break from collecting WoW Classic gold for a moment, or stop hunting down those highly sought-after WoW Classic items that you have been craving, then ask yourself just how did this game hold up back in the day? Here are a few differences that stand between the two titles WoW Classic and The Original.


The key component of the use of AddOns was to combine the two comparative games and get the best out of both of them. Since the vanilla version of the game had restrictions, this is something that had to be kept in mind. AddOns have evolved over the years alongside the franchise, so you can expect mods to be far more superior. 

This is based on the fact that so much time has passed, giving people time to practice and hone their skills into modding. So features such as boss mods and more are far more prominent in WoW Classic. The original release also went through a period where AddOns of this sort were extremely frowned upon, which isn’t something we are used to seeing as much these days. 

Streaming and Cultural Differences of WoW Classic and The Original

There is without a doubt a whole new way of looking at gaming, and gamers, in particular, these days. You could argue that there were often negative views from those outsides of the gaming world on those who chose to stream a game such as World of Warcraft over a decade and a half ago. Nowadays, streamers are far more celebrated, to the point where we have a number of massive streaming platforms for players to grow communities with. 

There are many cases of success with services such as Twitch and YouTube, as today’s culture celebrates internet personalities and content creators far more. The previous somewhat stigmatic approach to such practices is all but gone these days in comparison to how it was, and we are now spoilt with an abundance of content creators based on World of Warcraft. 


Naturally, over the course of time, a lot of the glitches have been worked out by Blizzard, so the experience is bound to differ when you are playing WoW Classic. Gone are the days of being able to wall jump, being able to topple Ragnaros early, and the seemingly unbeatable C’Thun spawning tentacles all the time. 

So, this does offer a different experience, but in some ways, it’s best to look past nostalgia in favour of progress from time to time. 

Server Maintenance of WoW Classic and The Original

WoW servers were a hot topic back in the day. Many players will remember less than fondly of maintenance issues that often plagued the popular MMORPG. It would often take Blizzard several days to get fixes applied to the game that would halt players’ progress on a number of occasions. This would often lead players to head to the game’s forums and vent their frustrations. Many would threaten to quit the game, and even demand refunds. 

In certain special circumstances, this would even lead Blizzard to offer players free game time if they had been affected by the issues that they were taking so long to fix. 

Looking for Group

Looking for Group, or LFG, is something that we find in many different online titles these days. It’s a practice that allows us to find players of a similar set of goals to play the same games to help reach them. This wasn’t a luxury that WoW had at the start, nor was there raid or dungeon finder. The game has most certainly evolved in that sense, seeing as we can now feel more encouraged to interact with our fellow player and progress, all the while adding an important social aspect to the title. 

Your First Time

This is probably the most important point of all. Way back when World of Warcraft first released, there was no way of beating that first experience. Of course, thanks to the advancements in technology, we now see many, many open-world games, particularly where the MMO genre is concerned. 

But back then, coming into this huge world for the first time was truly a sight to behold. It was an overwhelming experience that couldn’t be replicated at the time and it is something that WoW Classic wouldn’t be able to replicate. This is simply because there is a much more vast gaming market nowadays, and stepping into WoW Classic feels more like trying out a retro game of days of old rather than a massive new world to indulge in when it comes to comparing the original release at least. 

Let’s not forget that both of these games offer a wonderful experience. Nostalgia is such a big draw when it comes to video gaming, and bringing back WoW Classic is something that a lot of fans can enjoy, whether they are new to the game or not. Either way, it’s a great place to start, or even continue your adventures through the vast World of Warcraft

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