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DICE explains how the dynamic weather works in Battlefield 1

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Through the official page of Battlefield 1, DICE spoke about the dynamic weather and how it will affect the multiplayer section, looking for each game to feel unique.

Battlefield 1

So, all multiplayer maps of Battlefield 1 will feature dynamic weather. “Unlike the game’s destructible environments, weather is an outside factor that you can’t control,” DICE said. “Things can shift in small ways (like the sun peeking out of the clouds and turning an overcast map into a sunny one) but there are larger changes that can happen that will nudge you to adjust how you play.”

To give an example, the dense fog will limit your view, which means that the snipers will struggle to eliminate enemies, forcing to change the dynamics of the player. Moreover, the intense fog can cause an open map into a melee experience for some time.

Another example is the rain, which will not limit your vision, but can distract and distort your look. Upon boarding any air vehicle to explore the area, rain will hamper the task, forcing you to fly carefully if you’re near mountains.

We also have sandstorms, apart from limiting your vision, your ability to hinder flight, so be careful, or end up eating dirt on the floor. DICE explained that this does not mean you can not gain an advantage, because if you really know the map, you can try to fly and take advantage at low visibility.

Note that the weather affects the game, such as weapons, ambient sound and many more things that will change the way you play each game in Battlefield 1.

“We wanted to make sure weather makes the player immersed with the world, both visually and thematically,” wrote the studio. “The western front has more heavy rain, and we make sure the fog in the trench wars has more density, and feels close to the ground. Up in the Alps in the Italian campaign, there’s a sense of low fog in the valley, and if you move up to the mountain tops you get rid of the fog. You can even see the fog below you.”

Remember that the open Beta of Battlefield 1 will begin on August 31, while all members of Battlefield Insider will start playing from 21 March.

Battlefield 1 will debut on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.