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Rumor: Diablo 4 Will Be Darker & Features A Style Similar To Diablo 2

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Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, has been in charge of advancing some more details about Diablo 4. The long-awaited dungeon role-playing game continues to simmer at Blizzard’s facilities, but the first details about it are already beginning to arrive. According to Ahmad, the title is “what fans would want out of the game.” The game will feature three different kinds of characters, while sounding like a nod to Diablo 2.

In addition to anticipating that the controversial Diablo Immortal will receive new content such as maps, final skills and some modifications through updates when it is released, Daniel Ahmad has echoed the information he has heard about Diablo 4.

According to Ahmad, this information about Diablo Immortal “aligns” with what he has heard about Diablo 4, giving more credibility to these first details: “The game is shaping up well and is definitely what fans would want out of the game,” the analyst says. “Takes what people loved about D2 style, improves on D3 combat.”

According to the Reddit thread that Ahmad alludes to in his Twitter account, the game would have three different classes: wizards (who use fire, ice and rays for combat), barbarians (who use swords or axes) and druids (who they make use of lightning, winds and can be transformed into animals like bears or werewolves). In addition, the characters seem to be able to use mounts to move around the game, or climb the walls.

While it is not clear if there will be a competitive element in Diablo 4, this user states that the cooperative for 4 players will be part of the game “for sure”. In turn, he anticipates that the game will be “dark” with locations that ooze with wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, swamps or cities with pests – that will be some of the locations of the game.

The user argues that Diablo 4 aims to be a nod to Diablo 2, referring to Lilith, also known as the Queen of the Succubus, a character whose image in the game’s artbook leaked. He also indicates that our characters will remain seated around a campfire when we get ready to select them.

Blizzard is expected to reveal more information about Diablo 4 in the impending BlizzCon 2019, which will be held from November 1 to 3. The aforementioned artbook was already responsible for anticipating that the announcement of Diablo 4 would occur on the occasion of the BlizzCon.