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Diablo 3 Patch 2.2 download available next month

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Blizzard this time is planning to release a new patch for this game. This patch is going to be a big release with many fixes and some additions. Yet the final release date is not confirmed. The patch for Diablo 3 will be 2.2 version. We will be checking out more information in this patch below. As far as the release date, it is confirmed for next month. But it is not clear whether it will be in the first week or later. Diablo 3 was released long time back, and it looks like the Patch was delayed due to some reason. A good thing about this patch is that it is not just something about to improve the game performance, but it will add new content to the game.

The information was leaked through page where you can find a demo of this Diablo 3 game. It is quite short that tells very little about it, but enough to give you glimpse what is coming ahead. It is being found that once this patch is applied, three set of players can go ahead for loot.  This consists of Wrath of the Wastes, Unhallowed Essence and Delsere’s Magnus Opus. This would be one of the most powerful groups in the game.

Right now there are around 7 set-pieces in the game. The patch also brings few tiny additions for this game. This patch is going to add some new set of bonus as well. Along with this, you will get 15 new powers. And this can be found well in the demo. This new powers will help you to increase the value of total damage thus making win easier.  You can get detailed log of Diablo 3 Patch 2.2 PTR through this link. With the additional content there are also a lot of bug fixes. The patch size is yet unknown. But this would a kind of mega release for Diablo 3.

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Update: Wyatt mentioned over at Twitter that the plan for Patch 2.2 is to be deployed on Tuesday, April 7th. On a similar note, a user over at the european forums has predicted the release date for the EU servers being April 8th.