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Diablo 3 final Patch 2.3.0 download available at the end of August 2015

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Diablo 3 is going to get a new Patch 2.3.0 that brings up new things alongwith some benefits and fixes for the game. There is a video below that will show you what all new content the game is going to add in the game. The patch is available on the Public Test Realm. You can also participate in the same visiting this link. There are some new legendary items in the game. The new updates are something worth to see in the game because it actually matters alot. This patch will be released at the end of August. Till the time the Public edition will let players to test and verify the same and then go ahead with the final patch with no bugs.

Diablo 3 Pics
Diablo 3 Pics

Read the official patch notes from here and below:

We’ve added three new sets and updated two old ones! In Patch 2.3.0, you’ll be able to adorn your Crusader in the Seeker of the Light set, and unleash limitless Blessed Hammers upon your enemies after descending upon them with Falling Sword. The gods strike through your Monk’s Seven Sided Strike with Uliana’s Stratagem while turning your enemies into living weapons with Exploding Palm. The Spirit of Arachyr will let your Witch Doctor unleash the frightening potential of Hex and Corpse Spiders as they ensnare and poison those who stand before you.

Diablo 3 PATCH 2.3.0 PTR Participation Process is given here and below is the trailer:

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