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DFC Intelligence: Demand for A High-End Game System Is Limited


After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the analysis and sales begin to determine the preference of the players in the question of consoles and games. The most important sales days of the year for the United States presented an interesting panorama because there was the first confrontation between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, in addition to the success of Nintendo Switch, which ended up being the product preferred by consumers in that country. In this regard, the analyst at DFC Intelligence, David Cole, spoke about the performance of the most powerful consoles at present.

In an interview conducted by GamesIndustry on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, David Cole, an analyst of the firm DFC Intelligence, addressed the issue related to the offer of powerful hardware from Sony and Microsoft and the response from consumers.

According to Cole’s analysis, the demand for powerful consoles is currently limited and has little relevance to the important sales of the basic models: “I think overall there is an issue of limited demand for a high-end game system. The Xbox One X is now selling to the people who have a lot of money and want the latest and greatest but that audience will dry out quickly. The PS4 overall is doing well but the PS4 Pro has underperformed.”

On the other hand, Cole referred to the success of Nintendo on Black Friday and considered that this is another sign that the audience on consoles that is carried away by the graphics aspect is limited: “I think Black Friday shows that the audience for fancy graphics is limited and if you offer something new and unique like the Switch does, consumers will go for it.”

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It is important to mention that both Sony and Microsoft highlighted the sales performance of their respective consoles on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As for the PlayStation 4 consoles, Sony reported that it has been the best Black Friday in the history of PlayStation; for its part, Microsoft said that the market response to Xbox One X was incredible.