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Digital Foundry: PS5 Will “Absolutely” Have Backward Compatibility


Recently, Digital Foundry published a video in which they stated that “Next-gen consoles are in development, hardware exists and is being demonstrated.” Today, they commented that PS5 will definitely have a backward compatibility feature.

John Linneman, who is a writer and video guy at Digital Foundry, has confirmed that PS5 will have backward compatibility feature. It all started when a user on Twitter asked the community whether “PS5 will be backwards compatible for PS4 games,” to which Linneman replied the following: “It will absolutely have this. Zero question.”

Take into account that, yesterday the British editorial staff confirmed the news about next-gen consoles being demonstrated, so it could be possible that they have vital information on the new consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

It is impossible to know if the new console of Sony will only give us access to our PlayStation 4 games or the oldest games library. However, the first three Sony machines are different from the PlayStation 4 in terms of their design, it is difficult to envisage that Sony can offer full compatibility.

In any case, many fans of Sony would like to see backward compatibility in PS5, so we are hoping that the company listens to its fanbase. And you, would you love to see backward compatibility in the next-gen console of Sony? Tell us in the comments below.

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