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Devolver Digital will announce a game for Nintendo Switch at GDC

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Responding to a message on Twitter, Devolver Digital has revealed that the company is currently working on a game for Nintendo Switch, which should be announced at the GDC in San Francisco (scheduled from February 27 to March 3).

Devolver Digital has announced on Twitter that in the GDC 2017 they will present its first title for Nintendo Switch. The output of the game should take place later this year, but we do not know what it is: the conversion of one of the many productions of the company or something completely new?

In any case it will be an additional and welcome addition to the line-up of the console for 2017.

The publisher is not too unbalanced, the hope is that the game in question can come out later this year, the reveal would be planned for the Game Developers Conference, but even in this case, the plans may change.

Recall that Devolver Digital has a very rich catalog of IP that includes titles like Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, Not A Hero, Broforce, Shadow Warrior 2 and The Talos principle and, just to name a few.

Nintendo, however, is not worried by the thing and is intended rather to punctuate the outputs and to enhance the online services, in its opinion an important factor of development for the new platform.