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Devolver Digital: Gaming Community Is Great At Being Complete F*ck*ng As*h*les online

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During the Reboot Develop hosted last week in Croatia, the co-founder of Devolver Digital Mike Wilson returned to a very hot topic, criticizing the acidic attitude of a certain portion of the game community.

“The biggest problem is they’re now expected to have direct conversations with their audience on a regular basis throughout. That’s something that no other artist in the history of making art has had to figure out. These are already people trying to do something very hard: make a game that stands out from the thousand games coming out each month with just two or three people, and knowing that the audience will never understand it’s just two or three people. They’ll just assume it’s some big studio and should be as good as [bigger] games,” Wilson said.

“The gaming community is… great at being complete f*ck*ng as*h*les online, and I don’t understand why that is. When you’re having a hard day and there’s a thousand people on Twitter at any time willing to agree that you’re a piece of sh*t, that you should stop working because you’re never going to make anything good, it’s pretty hardcore for a sensitive person,” explains the co-founder of Devolver Digital .

Do you think the community should be more respectful of the work of the developers?


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