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Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch Release Date & Game Size Revealed

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Capcom confirms that the first adventure of Dante, Devil May Cry, will be launched in the eShop of the hybrid machine at a price of $19.99.

Devil May Cry, the original Capcom game by Hideki Kamiya, will release on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop this June 25 at a recommended price of $19.99/euros. The digital store of the console already reflects the arrival of Dante with several details about the download.

On the one hand, it is confirmed that the game will have a size of 9.2 GB, so it is advisable to use a microSD card if we do not have enough space in the internal storage of the system. Also, those who are doubting about the languages ​​included in the title, it is confirmed that this version of Devil May Cry will not leave out any of the main languages ​​provided in the original product: English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Italian. In Japan, it will be released a couple of days later; specifically on June 27.

There are not many more details at the moment, only that corresponds to the HD Remaster version of the Devil May Cry HD Collection released in 2018. The doubts about resolution, frame rates and other technical aspects will be answered when we have accessed the game.

The announcement, not in vain, highlights the commitment that the Osaka studio is placing on this platform with a broad legacy of its catalog already available through the digital market. From the trilogy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney through multiple installments of the Resident Evil saga, Mega Man with its collections and the latest installment, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate or the precious Okami HD.

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This last fiscal year things have gone very well for Capcom, which returned to have a stock market value as in the nineties thanks to Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5. We speak of 12 million copies adding PS4, Xbox One and PC in the case of the first, more than 4 million copies for the second and more than 2 million units for the title of Dante and company.

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