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Capcom Registers Devil May Cry 5 Domain and Updates Resident Evil 2 Domain


After the appearance of the title at some retailers, now comes another clue on the possible announcement of Devil May Cry 5, in this case with the registration of the internet domain.

Onamae has registered the domain as early as May 17, apparently and it is the same company used to register the domains of Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7 according to Whois, so apparently the same tool used previously by Capcom for its major titles. This obviously makes one think that an announcement from Devil May Cry 5 is actually coming, perhaps during E3 2018.

There is also to say that Onamae also registered the domains of,, and to demonstrate how Capcom uses this tool also for precautionary purposes and can use names in the future, even if is registered on different servers, to demonstrate perhaps a more immediate use.

An update has also emerged in the domain, which Capcom has been monitoring since 1997, last April, perhaps referring to the remake that should be in development.

If so, during the next E3 2018 all rumors will be confirmed and rumors that have accompanied us over the last few months, with a happy ending that would lead to the highly anticipated revelations of Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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