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Devil May Cry 5 Domain Now On Capcom Servers, E3 Announcement Incoming?

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Several days ago we knew that Capcom had officially registered domains for multiple titles of Devil May Cry yet to see the light. Among these was the most immediate chapter, Devil May Cry 5, whose official announcement now seems to be closer than ever.

At the beginning of the week, the news spread about the registration of the domain by Onamae, a company that in the past has also managed the domains of and on behalf of Capcom. Today there seems to be something new.

As reported by MysticDistance on Twitter, the domain is regularly active and has definitely passed into the hands of Capcom, the company has recorded and routed the domain on its servers, which would suggest the desire to make it public very soon.

In short, it is yet another clue to the existence of a new Devil May Cry. A thesis that reinforces the idea of an upcoming reveal for Devil May Cry 5, according to the latest rumors the game will be announced at the E3 in Los Angeles, during the Microsoft or Sony conferences. We’ll know more about it during the weekend or at the latest at the start of next week.