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Development on Xbox One X will enhance Xbox One S performance

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Since the official information was obtained for its new console, then called Project Scorpio, Microsoft made it clear that this was not an independent system that would be related at all times based on Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Once the new model was revealed to the world, Xbox One X, some considered that its use could be limited by having to contemplate in the first instance to the development of a title for the base models, however the company insists that this is not the case and on the contrary, envisions a new stage of exploitation in its consoles.

Recently Albert Penello, head of marketing for Xbox, spoke with Gamasutra on the subject and stressed that in no time Xbox One X will be limited by the presence of Xbox One S and the development process that is based on the creation of a title for Xbox One and the subsequent implementation of improvements for the most powerful models.

The Xbox executive said that development on Xbox One X has resulted in improvements for Xbox One X in terms of performance: “An interesting thing is happening, people ask this question, ‘Is Xbox One X held back by the One S or vice-versa?’ And in fact, the tweaks you make to your engine, every tool improvement that we make to development makes Xbox One S and Xbox One X development better,”

Albert Penello exemplified his point using the development of Forza Motorsport 7 whose dynamic climate would not have been possible in Xbox One S if it didn’t have the advances that resulted from the development of Xbox One X.

Basically, Penello summarizes this situation in a relationship of continuous improvement for both consoles: “Every tweak you make to your engine to get a little bit more performance out of your engine makes your Xbox One S engine better.”

Remember that Xbox One X will release on November 7.