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Developers are already working on Project Scorpio, confirmed by Phil Spencer

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Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has confirmed that there are developers already working on Project Scorpio, both in terms of hardware and games, but so far has not given more details about it.

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Just before E3 it was announced that Microsoft would bring two new Xbox versions in the market. The Xbox One S, which appeared since August 2 is now available in stores and the more powerful Xbox One version – Xbox Scorpio – which still has to appear in 2017. Slowly but surely, more and more specifications are known for this new Xbox version and now it turns out that developers are already busy with hardware and games for Project Scorpio.

In a response to a fans tweet, Phil Spencer has confirmed what may seem obvious to most: the developers have already started working on Project Scorpio.

With this, it is assumed that there are companies already working on making their games to run and perform better in this new more powerful version of Xbox One, which we remind you that is specially designed to play at 4K resolution.

A few weeks ago, The Coalition, the studio that commissioned Gears of War 4, confirmed that they were ready to take advantage of Project Scorpio, so it is expected to be one of them.

Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever created by having 6 teraflops of capacity, and 8-core CPU with more than 320+ GB/s memory width, something that will allow 4K game without visual sacrifices and the highest fidelity of virtual reality.

Project Scorpio will be launched late next year.