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Developer: Xbox One X’s full potential will not be slowed down by its CPU

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When Xbox One X will debut on November 7, it will be the most powerful console on the market. The potential of this new console from Microsoft has been the main topic to discuss for developers, analysts, players and others involved in the video game industry. During an interview, Rafał Basaj, brand manager of Bloober Team, gave his point of view about Xbox One X and what to expect of the extra potential of the console.

Bloober Team is in charge of Observer, a title that debuted recently on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Basaj said they have plans to tap into the full potential of Microsoft’s next console in its horror-styled cyberpunk game. During the meeting with the GamingBolt media, the manager also talked about the CPU of Xbox One X. In particular, he focused on the benefits that developers will receive when they bring their titles to this system.

As you may recall, Xbox One X has technical specifications that far exceed those of Xbox One. However, the improvements in CPU are not as drastic as in other sections. Despite this, Basaj believes that the CPU will not limit the full potential of Xbox One X.

“The Xbox One X is closer in specs to the PC gaming rigs right now, which will always benefit developers releasing their games on multiple platforms. As long as the GPU is solid a lot of calculating can be moved from the CPU to the video card, so it shouldn’t be a huge problems for developers to fully realize the potential of the new console,” Basaj said.

On the other hand, some developers and analysts believe that the price of Xbox One X is excessive, that the console will have problems if it does not have attractive games, but that is an advantage that does not have exclusive. We will have to wait to find out how Microsoft is doing with this new piece of hardware and if it manages to deliver on everything promised so far.