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Developer thinks that compatibility with Xbox One will limit Project Scorpio

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In recent days Project Scorpio, the new console developed by Microsoft, has been the most discussed topic to be addressed by many media and developers as there are reports, rumors, leaks and opinions, but until now there is no official information about it, although we can only speculate, but with certain bases.

Around this, the website GamingBolt interviewed the developer Danny Garfield, who works for Kasedo Games, the division of digital games of the German company Kalypso Media, and he has given his opinion on Project Scorpio.

GamingBolt questioned Danny Garfield about this and his answer focused on the compatibility that the new console of Microsoft has with Xbox One, which is based on what they know of Project Scorpio, because so far it is considered as an extension of the same under the same family of devices, something that could be counterproductive according to his words: “I think it does curtain some ability to take full advantage of all the new tech. Unavoidably, a great many devs will always aim to make their game cross-compatible in the easiest ways. The AAA guys, and plenty of others, will be more aggressive, and try to stand out from the pack on tech more. But, by and large, we’ll always have to support the original Xbox, which, for many, will mean an easiest road.”

What do you think of Danny Garfield’s statements? Would Microsoft have to modify its decision and allow exclusive titles to show all the power of Project Scorpio?

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