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Developer thinks bringing SUPERHOT to Nintendo Switch could be difficult

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Andrzej Dominowski, a member of SUPERHOT Team, confessed that there is a possibility that they would bring SUPERHOT, their innovative shooter, to Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, he believes that bringing this port could be a real challenge.

The creative confirmed this in a question and answer session with Reddit users. There he said that they are analyzing the possibility of bringing SUPERHOT to Nintendo Switch; however, the problems they had to bring it to PlayStation VR makes them think that it will be somewhat difficult.

“It is being considered. We had some issues on PSVR with the performance so on Switch it will be ultra hard on that matter,” Dominowski said.

If you have not heard about SUPERHOT, let us tell you that it is a title in the first person in which time elapses only when you move. So, instead of being an unbridled experience, it is a title where you must think each movement well in advance and make strategies that allow you to eliminate all your enemies.

SUPERHOT has also stood out for its stylized art style that lets the gameplay take the leading role of the experience.

In other news, this week SUPERHOT made its debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. That said, the shooter has been available since last year on PC and Xbox One.