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CD Projekt RED Wants To “Show The Game Industry How To Do Things” With Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt RED, the Polish studio responsible for The Witcher games and currently working on the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, has earned the recognition of industry and players.
Although it is not known exactly when its next ambitious role-playing game will debut, there is more and more information about it and the studio has been opened to show his ideas and the way they prefer to work. Recently, Patrick Mills spoke about some objectives that the studio has drawn.

In an interview that will be published in the next issue of EDGE magazine, Patrick Mills, mission designer of Cyberpunk 2077, spoke about the ideas that revolve around the development of the new title and the message that CD Projekt RED wants to send to the industry.

To begin with, Mills defined the Polish studio as a real rebel and said that one of its objectives is to be an example for the industry: “One of the things about this company has always been we want to show the game industry how to do things. We want to change the game industry. We want to say, ‘We can do things differently, we don’t have to do things that way.’ It’s in our motto: ‘We are rebels’, right?”

Subsequently, the creative explained how this idea of video game development will manifest in his next title, Cyberpunk 2077: “So when you’ve got other studios saying, ‘Oh, no no no, there’s nothing political here’, we say, ‘Yeah, there is.’ It’s not necessarily what you’re expecting, and we’re not going to talk about exactly what we’re going to say- it’s for you to decide when you play it. But Cyberpunk is relevant to today, extremely so. To pretend like it’s not? Come on. Mike [Pondsmith, Cyberpunk 2020 creator] wouldn’t let us. Mike would throw a fit if we tried to say, ‘This is just about cool hairstyles and cool guns, that’s all.”

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What do you think about the statements of Patrick Mills? Will CD Projekt RED be able to significantly influence the industry?