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Developer: It Is Difficult for Consoles To Use The Full Power of The Cloud

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For some years, the consoles development companies have tried to potentiate the reproduction and performance of the games by using different means. Now it is common to talk about hard drives in which much or all the information of a title and content that complements the experience from a server is installed. Obviously, the idea that the games work from cloud technology is not foreign to the industry but this could come after a long time, at least so says Don Williamson.

In an interview for GamingBolt, Don Williamson, the founder of Celtoys and specialists in tools for development of AAA games, and who participated with Lionhead in the development of Fable, spoke about the potential of consoles to make use of the cloud technology.

In this regard, Williamson said consoles are still far from taking advantage of this type of technology, especially because there is no clear position to concentrate efforts in this regard and the companies that want to offer that kind of technology do not know how to get with the hardware developers: “It’s a very grey area. We’ve been “using the cloud” for decades to build multiplayer games and some games have used remote servers to chew through expensive calculations for single player games that can be shared. I’ve recently spoken to a few startups built around the idea of moving more and more onto remote servers. I think some of them will have issues selling the implementation to developers while the others haven’t shared enough information.”

Finally, the creative thinks that, in the long term, the idea of the total use of the technology of the cloud on the part of the consoles could vanish and could be placed in its use for the performance of calculations that make part of the games to work.

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Do you think that at some point the consoles will use the potential of the cloud? What difficulties does this pose today? Tell us in the comments below.