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Deutsche Bank: PS5 Will Cost $499 or 445 Euros, 14M Units Sales Expected by 2022


Currently, many rumors have been shared regarding PlayStation 5 or PS5, the next home console of Sony and surely the one that most intrigues players is the price. But how much will PS5 cost?

Currently nobody knows yet with certainty, however, according to a report published by Deutsche Bank, we can estimate a price range. According to the analysts, the console could be sold for $499, or 445 euros. This report is based fundamentally on two factors: on the one hand, the cost of the components that will make up the new Japanese console. On the other hand, the company’s position to decide whether to market it above or below its real price.

As for the first factor, the price range is obviously determined by the hardware components. Therefore the analysts argue that there is a high probability that the cost of PS5 materials is between $386 and $477 and that according to the average, the cost of the console to the public will be $499.

With this price, the experts forecast sales of 14 million units by 2022, a number lower than that obtained with the PS4 (which reached 14.8 million units in its second year), since the amount is above 399 dollars.

Obviously, these are just assumptions: Deutsche Bank’s analysis is based solely on the information leaked so far about the upcoming Sony console. For analysts, $499 would be the useful price for Sony not to sell at a loss.

What do you think of these estimates? Is it a reasonable price? Tell us in the comments below.