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Deus Ex Series placed on Hiatus by Sqaure Enix

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As reported by, Square-Enix would have paused the Deus Ex series because of the lukewarm business results of Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex is one of the most popular cyberpunk sagas as a part of the community. Unfortunately, however, it was not enough. According to reports by Square Enix, in fact, the saga, following the lack of success in sales of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided would be paused.

The rumor came to us from the website who have emphasized the above reasons cited for this choice. In fact, it is a difficult decision, but that is set aside on the basis of more opportunities.

The last episode of the series was released last August, welcomed by audiences and critics, but the sales were not up to expectations. At the moment it is only a rumor, has contacted Square Enix for further clarification.

Almost concurrently with this decision, the Breach mode which is the latest incarnation of the saga had been made free on Steam, as well as the same in VR mode.

Unfortunately for those who wanted to see the continuing story of Adam Jensen will have to wait a few years.

As revealed last week, Eidos Montreal is working on the new game of the Avengers along with Crystal Dynamics, at the moment there seems no plans to continue the Deus Ex series and all projects would be about to get cancelled. We look forward to confirmation or denial.