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Detroit: Become Human Script Explained by David Cage

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David Cage, the head of Quantic Dream, talked about Detroit: Become Human in an interview with in the PlayStation Blog and said that his new exclusive project will seek to push the graphical limits of the PlayStation 4.

Detroit: Become Human Screenshot

David Cage and his team of Quantic Dream are engaged in the realization of Detroit: Become Human, which we also saw at the Sony E3 conference. For this new adventure, the author has decided to push as much as possible on the graphics, so as to enable a strong cinematic impact.

“We wanted to push the boundaries with Detroit and have an engine that would provide more features particularly related to the cinematography. So we worked especially on realistic lighting. So we had to develop a completely new engine,” said Cage.

The new engine of Quantic Dream is focused on offering new visual elements, such as hair and skin shaders, as well as a feature that illuminates the ear of a character when there is light behind it. With this, the creative players are expected to be amazed with what they see on screen, but not interested in the technology that makes this possible.

“We played with all this technology and players do not necessarily have to mind this as it is only important for geeks and developers. I hope the players, even if they are not interested in the technology behind it, enjoy the result on the screen,” concluded David Cage.

Detroit: Become Human will be a narrative experience similar mechanics to other games of Cage such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. That said, Quantic Dream said its new project will offer many options to players, which really will impact in the history.

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