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Detroit: Become Human Goes Gold After 4 Years in Development

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Through the PlayStation blog, Quantic Dream confirmed that Detroit: Become Human has reached its Gold stage. This implies that the game’s development is finally complete, so the studio is ready to start distributing its latest project.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, one of the directors of the studio, was enthusiastic about this important step. Detroit: Become Human was in development for approximately 4 years, so it is certainly good news to know that it is now ready.

“During these four years, we have gone through all possible states and emotions that the development of such a challenging project induces (…) Detroit: Become Human is no longer our game. Instead, it will soon become yours. Yours to play, to own, to hopefully cherish,” Fondaumiere wrote.

To celebrate the news, the studio reaffirmed that, as we informed you a few moments ago, tomorrow a demo of the game will be available from the PlayStation Store. You can check the disk image that marks the end of the development at the top of this news.

“David Cage, the entire team and myself are proud of the work we have accomplished during these four years. We are grateful to all our wonderful actors, composers, artists and partners around the world who have lent their talent to making Detroit: Become Human the very special experience it has become,” added Fondaumiere.

If you want to take a look at this title, take into account that the demo will arrive tomorrow, April 24 at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. You will require about 2.92 GB to download the trial version of the game to your PlayStation 4. The demo will give you access to the first scenes of the title, called Hostage.

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Detroit: Become Human will have about 513 characters and will tell you the story of 3 androids that will be in difficult crossroads for their relationship with humans.

Detroit: Become Human will debut on May 25 for PlayStation 4. Next, I leave you with the new trailer of the game below.