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Detroit Become Human File Size Is 41.4GB on PS4

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The Japanese branch of PlayStation decided on a short production, which is to encourage residents of the Land of the Rising Sun to Detroit Become Human. The material allows you to look at the world full of androids, and at the same time, there is two interesting information about the game itself.

On May 25, the premiere of the next game of Quantic Dream will take place. The French studio will present players with a vision of a world filled with machines that help people in their daily duties. Some of the androids will get out of control and a real revolution will begin.

The Japanese PlayStation branch decided on an interesting advertisement. The company has prepared a short video presenting the relationship of the android with the human – as is known such a “release” is the main theme of the production. Some people may lack proper subtitles in this case but should pay attention to the quality of the material.

We must wait until the end of next week for definitive opinions on Detroit Become Human. Quantic Dream is worried about spoilers, so developers will not allow the publication of texts a few days before the debut.

At the same time, the file size of Detroit Become Human weighs 41.4GB – the first journalists have already received their copies of the game, so they are interested in having a week to learn about the adventure. According to the first leaks, the story will be known in about 8-10 hours, but the time can be significantly lengthened if we want to learn additional secrets in the game.

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