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Detroit: Become Human Demo on PS4 Available Now

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If you are looking forward to the arrival of Detroit: Become Human, you may be interested to know that you can take a look before purchasing it. This will be possible thanks to Quantic Dream that will offer a Detroit: Become Human demo through the PS Store.

Before you get excited, you should know that the Detroit: Become Human demo is already available, but only in some regions. Apparently, at the time of this writing, the demo can only be downloaded from the New Zealand PlayStation Store.

According to the page, you will need about 2.92 GB of free space on your PlayStation 4 to enjoy it. It is expected that the demo will be released during the rest of the day or over the course of the week in a larger number of countries.

David Cage, the director of the game, recently said that Detroit: Become Human has about 37,000 animations. Also, the creative said that the shooting of the game took, approximately, almost 2 years and that there were about 300 actors in the set, reason why the title had a massive production.

“So much happened on this set between the stunts and the shooting with the little girl and all these great actors that we have. It was really a very, very memorable journey for the team and for myself,” Cage said.

Finally, the creative said they worked a lot with the camera of the game because they sought at all times to emulate the optics of a real physical camera. “So basically dealing with real-world imperfections was our main task and just to make cameras look as real as we can,” the director concluded.

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We remind you that the game will have 4K support, so you can take advantage of your PlayStation 4 Pro. The development of this game cost more than $30 million, which makes it one of the studio’s most ambitious projects.

Detroit: Become Human will debut exclusively for PlayStation 4 on May 25.