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Detroit: Become Human Has 513 characters, More Than 250 Motion Capture Actors

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Detroit: Become Human seeks to be one of Quantic Dream’s most ambitious projects. David Cage, head of the studio, shared some details of this new title, which will come as an exclusive to PlayStation 4.

During his meeting with Wired, the developer said that, for him, games should move and generate multiple reactions in people. He also said that it is important that the titles address some of the problems of today’s society.

Cage also shared several interesting facts about Detroit: Become Human. Thanks to this we know that the game will have 513 characters and that its full script is 2000 pages. To note down the size of this production, Cage revealed that more than 250 actors participated in the motion capture sessions of the title.

Other highlights are that there are about 74,000 unique animations and 35,000 camera shots throughout the game. All sections of Detroit: Become Human are contained in more than 5.1 million lines of programming code.

So, Detroit: Become Human is shaping up to be one of the most complete titles of Quantic Dream. To conclude, Cage said that it is a matter of time for more developers to become interested in hyper-realistic interactive games.

Among the great cast of the game are Clancy Brown, Lance Henriksen and Minka Kelly, actors who were recently confirmed as part of the project. Some players were not very happy with the cover of the game, so they made fun of it on social networks.

Detroit: Become Human will arrive on PlayStation 4 on May 25. What do you think about the new data of the game? What are your expectations for this project of Quantic Dream? Tell us in the comments below.

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