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Detroit: Become Human Will Run At 1080p/30 fps on PS4, 4K/30 fps on PS4 Pro

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We are a couple of months from the arrival of Detroit: Become Human, one of the most important exclusive title of PlayStation 4 of this year. Quantic Dream knows that players give more and more importance to the performance of console games, so it has shared some technical details of this project.

During the Game Developer Conference 2018, Ronan Marchalot, the member of the studio, confirmed that Detroit: Become Human will run at 1080p and 30 fps on PlayStation 4. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 Pro users can enjoy the title with some visual improvements.

Detroit: Become Human will count on that system with a 4K resolution (2160p) through checkerboard rendering or rescaled. As for its frame rate per second, it will remain at 30. The interface of the game will enjoy native 4K and other effects, such as volumetric lighting. Both PlayStation 4 Pro and its standard version will support HDR support.

Marchalot spoke during the event about the technical challenges involved in the development of the game. According to him, the development team faced various difficulties. Fortunately, in the end, they managed to balance the presentation and performance to offer a good experience to the players.

We recently learned that the creation of Detroit: Become Human cost more than $30 million, so it promises to be one of the most ambitious projects of Quantic Dream. To prove it, the company revealed that the game will have 513 characters and that its entire script is 2000 pages.

Detroit: Become Human will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 next May 25.