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Destiny’s “The Taken King” DLC 3 download available on September 15, 2015

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Destiny is getting a new DLC. The name of the DLC is ‘The Taken King’. This is the 3rd DLC which will be releasing on September 15 of this year.

The good thing about the DLC is that there is lot of information shared that can help players to get more details about the pack. This can be a tentative date for the DLC but here we are not able to locate what can be the cost of the DLC.

Officially, Bungie has said nothing about the DLC; it can be a kind of leaked report. But once “The Taken King” is officially announced we will be able to collect a lot of details about the same. As per different sources we are able to assume what can be the cost of the package. It would be around $40. Compared to this the last two DLC released were charged at $20 each. This pack will be the third one after House of the Wolves that was out a few days ago. Leaked information does not reveal much about the package.

We also found some valuable information about this DLC. This new content is going to link two previous DLC together with some additional features. For example the last two DLC which is The Dark Below and House of Wolves can be a part of this new content with some extra features. We are following up the news and we will update it as soon as we get more details on the same. Right now most of the things are based on assumptions.

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