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Destiny’s House of Wolves patch 1.2.0 download delayed

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Destiny’s House of Wolves was about to get a new patch update. The patch version is 1.2.0. This patch is going to add a bit more performance and game stability. The patch was about release today but it was delayed till May 19.

Official notes for the patch is not yet released so it is hard to say what it is really going to offer. There might be certain changes pending due to which the patch is pulled back. Officially it is informed by Bungie that the patch will not be available till May 19. Clear reason has not disclosed yet.

It would be great to find why the patch is delayed as gamer’s were eagerly waiting for its release. With the patch another expansion will also be out. The name of Destiny’s new extension is House of Wolves. It is not a free expansion. There are two different costs here. First if you are going for Destiny Expansion Pass then you have to pay around $34.99 and if you are only going for the patch alone then the cost is lower at around $19.99.

The new content includes some new story missions with a competitive gameplay. There are additions in the multiplayer maps also and some new co-operative strike will be more exciting. We are expecting a proper launch in the coming week and things will be finally sorted out.  Bungie will activate the patch for better gameplay. The game will be more interesting after adding the new expansion pack.

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