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Destiny Weapon Rebalance Patch download available soon

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Destiny’s Weapon Rebalancing Patch is the next update for this game. There was a bit issue with weapons balancing for those who are playing the multiplayer version. There were lot of gamers who were reporting about this issue and finally there is a patch that would refix and make the game combat a lot better. So this would be a kind of major update for this game. The official patch logs reveal a lot of things. It is an essential update to have an effective weapon on battleground. The patch is going to add a lot of balance so that you can gain a bit more easily over others. The patch targets a variety of weapons. It is a kind of huge update that brings many changes. Below you can click on the official patch logs and can simply find out the entire detail about the same.

Destiny Game Images
Destiny Game Images

The patch targets a lot of weapons that falls under Auto Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, Pulse and Sount rilfes, Fusion rifles, sniper, thorn, black hammer, Gjallarhorn, etc. The patch will reduce the impact of rocket launcher and would offer more enhancements in many other weapons. So this would be a kind of essential update for everyone. The patch is very long and that is the reason we are not putting it here. You can check that in complete details in the below link. The patch is essential for offering you better movement in the game when you are using up different weapons. With weapons improvement it will also improvise weapon stats.

Checkout the official Destiny’s Weapon Rebalancing Patch by visiting this link.

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