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Destiny Update download now available

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Update for Destiny is now available for download. It is a hotfix that brings up some minor changes in the game and offers a lot of improvements. It is a tiny fix and its official details are provided below that is going to put more light on the patch details.

Destiny Game Screenshot
Destiny Game Screenshot

The new hotfix will help you to resolve few bugs in the game. This could be a demand through the community. The release of this patch also brings the DLC called as The Taken King back in update. It was quite a controversy before the DLC was leaked and due to little information about it players were losing their trust. It would be quite helpful for everyone to finally make up their mind that this DLC is surely into process and will be released in the coming time. The hotfix is just a kind of release that might give the game developer a reason to talk back about new content. Yet nothing much is revealed. It looks like that in coming months we might surely hear about the DLC. It was already announced back in E3 2015, but after that nothing was revealed about it.

You can read more about Destiny HotFix via Bungie or below:


  • Adjusted the 402 Attack Rating for weapons acquired in the Destiny Demo down to the proper value of 365

Trials of Osiris

  • Removed Passage Coins from the Lighthouse reward chest
  • Added a chance for Passage Coins to be awarded after match losses