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Destiny: The Taken King Raid “Kings Fall” available on September 18

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Destiny: The Taken King Raid “Kings Fall” is all set to appear in this month September 18th. This will be coming on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and on Xbox One. The official game is going to launch on September 15 and after three days “Kings Fall” will be out.

Destiny The Taken King Screenshot
Destiny The Taken King Screenshot

As per Bungie this would be one of the biggest raid created by them. So this would be one of the biggest update for the same.  The date is finalized and will be coming soon for everyone. Destiny: The Taken King is an impressive game and Below are some features of this upcoming raid:

  • Swords will not drop in The Taken King, you will have to forge them.
  • New ghost shells will have perks to help you find planetary materials by adding a waypoint when you get close.
  • Up to six other players can assist your Fireteam in the Court of Oryx.
  • All of the bosses in Court of Oryx have special mechanics. No bullet sponges!
  • You must lure the Knights together to bring their shields down.
  • Tier 1 bosses in the Court Of Oryx are around level 36 difficulty, Tier 2 are much harder, similar to Nightfall difficulty.
  • Your entire Fireteam must enter the court or the event will cancel.
  • Antiquated Runes are rare drops in Tier 2, the Nightfall, and Raids. They are used to start Tier 3 events.

Also there is trailer that you can see below. The trailer does not tell much but offers a tiny glimpse of this game and will show you how it will be. You can find more details about the same on the official website.

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