Destiny: The Collection appears on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox One

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Without warning, arose the report of a product called Destiny: The Collection, which is appearing in the lists of Amazon UK. So far, Activision has not notified any new collection of game content with that name.

Destiny The Collection on Amazon

Amazon has included Destiny: The Collection in the database recently. The edition is ordered from Amazon UK for £50 (now the link is no longer active) and August 18 have been appearing.

Destiny: The Collection, going to be a real product and not some kind of error, will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the Amazon website this title has no cover art but is associated with a cost of £50 GBP. Will it be limited to a region or later there will be a revelation for the same product?

According to the same online sales platform, Destiny: The Collection is scheduled for release on August 18. The contents of this apparent bundle do not appear in the descriptions, although it is not difficult to speculate that it could be all expansions and DLC content of the game to date.

The upcoming expansion of Rise of Iron is not out yet, but it could of course that you can get a download voucher to still get this on September 20th. If that’s the case, then a package with all the content that has been published so far is not a bad idea for Destiny.

As soon as this matter gets clarified, we will inform about it.