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Destiny Patch download available now

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A few days ago, Bungie had announced that it was not satisfied by the rewards that players could get by recent Nightfall Strike, and then be willing to resolve the issue. No sooner said than done, because they have already released the update for Destiny, which sees to improve these rewards, and operates on several other aspects of the work.

Destiny Game Patch
Destiny Game Patch

Among other things, you can now get more Strange Coins to play Crucible matches, solving the issue with Shadowshots and has intervened on several other aspects. You can check the full patch logs of the update below.

In addition, Bungie also wanted to recall that the hard mode for the King’s Fall raid will arrive on October 23 at 10 AM PDT. Please note that Destiny is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Checkout Destiny Patch Notes from here and below:

Nightstalker Hunter
  • Temporarily removed the extra shots from Quiver to avoid unlimited Shadowshots
    • This is a temporary fix, and the node will be restored in a fixed state in an upcoming patch
Daily Heroic Story
  • Removed deprecated Quest requirements from “Siege of the Warmind”
  • Removed deprecated Quest requirements from “The Wakening”
Weekly Nightfall Strike
  • Increased the base level of Nightfall Legendary rewards by 10 Attack/Defense
  • Increased the chance of Legendary rewards by 10% (from 50% to 60%)
  • Increased the number of Strange Coins or Three of Coins awards
  • Ghosts have been added to the Legendary reward loot table
  • Legendary Engrams no longer drop from Nightfall Strike boss kills
    • They will continue to drop their unique Legendary items
  • Removed Antiquated Runes from the loot tables
King’s Fall
  • King’s Fall Hard Mode will be available at 10AM on 10/23
  • Recommended Light is 310
  • King’s Fall Hard Mode has the following changes:
    • King’s Fall Hard Mode rewards will drop up to 320 Light
    • Oryx in Hard Mode will guarantee a Raid item drop each week, without requiring Moldering Shards
    • Oryx in Normal mode will still require Moldering Shards
    • Moldering Shards can drop in King’s Fall Hard Mode, but only if a character hasn’t cleared King’s Fall Normal for the week
Weekly Crucible Bounty
  • Increased base level of Weekly Crucible Bounty Legendary rewards by 10 Attack
  • Increased number of Strange Coins awarded
  • Ghosts have been added to the Legendary reward loot table
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