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Destiny Patch available soon for download

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Destiny Patch will release early in this month with few new surprises. Below you can see the patch highlights. It is not a very big patch, but brings up fixes for some tiny things. There will be also an expansion that might come up in the coming two weeks. That will be Destiny: The Taken King. The patch notes, mentioned below, highlights the fixes it is going to bring. What matters most is the upcoming expansion that will give us a bit more gameplay in this game. This is not the only patch notes. There will be more after the patch is finally available for download.

Patch Highlights:

  • #Olive error codes and other Crucible disconnects
  • Mercury Emblems that don’t appear in inventories
  • Treasure Key famine, and the farmers who need relief
  • Ammo synthesis that piles up in your inventories
  • Quests, Ships, or Shaders not being granted by Prison of Elders
  • Encounters with known Prison inmate bosses

Destiny was released on consoles and on platform last year in the month of September. After that the game developer Bungie has slowly introduced an expansion called House of Wolves. This is the most recently DLC and the next one might come out this month or the final date can be pushed more ahead. Detailed information about the gameplay of Destiny: The Taken King is not yet revealed. This DLC is expected to be a huge release. It is big expansion for the game. So fixing a few bugs before that is a must. There would be around 12 new story missions in the expansion. There will be also a lot of new things in the game worth to go for. There is leaked information about Destiny: The Taken King on the web that reveals more details about it. But we have to wait back for the official sources what they will finally publish for gamers.

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