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Destiny House of Wolves DLC download available soon in May

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Destiny in one of the best shooter game released in the month of September 2014. This game was quite popular and was also listed in the top 10 games. Just after a few months a new DLC is being announced for the game. It is called as Destiny House of Wolves. It is announced by the game developer Bungee. Destiny is quite a popular game and has millions of users worldwide. This dlc will be treating for them.

The game developer is using original title for the downloadable content. It was already promised at the time of launch that Destiny will get little good expansion pack for better and challenging gameplay. First DLC was released on December 2014 called as The Dark Below. This helps the players to extend the gameplay through space and get more new weapons. This update also added two new arena’s of Strike and Raid mode where players can play with their friends.

The second dlc The House of Wolves is also announced and this one will have more interesting things. There is a new story mission in the game that brings up a new raid to check out. There are some new additions in the multiplayer gameplay and also there will be a new strike. As per the release date you might have to wait till March to get this game. Some rumours state that there are more DLC to be released at the end of this year. This might be the Comet: Plague of Darkness, a third DLC with extended story line and new additions.

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