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Destiny Hotfix including Husk of the Pit fix download available on August 2015

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Destiny game was launched in September 9, 2014. The game was quite popular after its release and brings up a very impressive gameplay. Next month the game is going to get a new hot fix that brings up few changes and enhancements in Destiny. The hotfix version is This is the new fix that will be arriving next month with Husk of the Pit fix. There will be also new rewards in the game that will support Destiny Nepal aid campaign. Below is the official patch log. There are two parts. The first one is Nepal Digital Rewards and the second one is Husk of the Pit fix.

Destiny Game Images
Destiny Game Images

Destiny Hotfix is not going to bring a lot more difference. The patch looks like a kind of tiny update for the game. Destiny is an fps game. It has released quite a long time ago but it has got regular updates and patches that resolves ample of game issues and offer more stability to the players. Yet a new version of this game is not yet finalized. The game also has different modes like Role Playing and massively multiplayer online game.

Destiny Hotfix Patch Notes are given below:

Nepal Digital Rewards

  • Supporters of the Guardians to the Aid of Nepal Campaign
  • Shader and Emblem codes will be delivered via email

Husk of the Pit fix

  • Husk of the Pit will again drop from Blades of Crota
  • Go to ‘Fist of Crota’ mission on Cosmodrome
  • Drop rate has been increased from the original rate
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