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Destiny 2: Shattered Suns download available on September 2016

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Destiny 2: Shattered Suns will be coming next year around September. This is the new version of Destiny 2 series that might appear next year. But yet things are not cleared about this version since the developer has said nothing about this game. So it can be a rumor also. Destiny is a popular first-person shooter video game that came out in September 9, 2014. The game is quite popular and after that there was not much information about the next version. The first edition came out on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is a console exclusive game. After the release, the game developer has mentioned nothing about any new series from quite a long time.

Destiny Game Pics
Destiny Game Pics

The news about Destiny 2 is still a rumor that is shared on Reddit first. We hope if this is correct then we will be able to see an upcoming version of this popular game. This fps game is quite nice due to its online and offline content. It has a massively multiplayer online mode where you can compete and play with others. The first part was not much appreciated over the MMO elements. We are expecting to get a lot better game this time with this new series. The offline version was stable and good enough though. In the online series there were ample of things missing that affects the MMO quality of Destiny game. But if the second series is really in the process of development then we might be getting a better and enhanced game this time. The developer has to work hard towards the MMO part.

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