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Destiny 2 release date leaked by a promo poster

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An Italian store has leaked the first promotional image of Destiny 2. As you can imagine, this material does not give much information about the release, but it does offer a glimpse of its first artwork.

Destiny 2 rumor continues: in recent hours on the web the first poster of the game has leaked, and some source confirmed that as official. The most interesting thing is that the poster indicates that there will be some kind of Beta for Destiny 2.

The beta of Destiny 2 will be held in June with early access to PlayStation 4, as highlighted in the logo of the poster which confirms the presence of the anticipated content on the console of Sony.

Also, in its upper right corner the posted indicates that the Destiny 2 will debut on Friday, September 8; It is possible that this date is only for Europe, since the new releases for America usually arrive on Tuesday.

The poster art shows 3 humans in armor, but no helmet, and each carries a different weapon. On the other hand, its logo seems to be practically equal to the one of the first title, only that has the number 2 behind the name.

It is important to mention that sources from Kotaku ensure that Destiny 2 will be available for PC and will be revealed soon. So, we will keep up to inform you more about it.

At the moment, there are no confirmed details about Destiny 2, but it is believed that Bungie wants it to be different from its predecessor. Apparently, the company’s intention is that its world feels less sterile with more missions and cities. What is a fact is that the progress of your Guardian will not be moved to this new title.

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