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Report: Destiny 2 Rebooted Development 16 Months Before Release

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Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title of Activision and Bungie has been involved in problems that have repeatedly angered the community of the players. However, there seems to be a good reason for the game to experience errors: Destiny 2 suffered development problems during its production.

In a new entry of the Destiny Tracker, the video game journalist Jason Schreier could account that the period of creation of the game was not, precisely, met with great aspects.

“I think that it was made in a relatively short period of time,” Schreier said. “There was a big reboot of Destiny 2 at some point in early 2016. There had been a previous guy who was directing the game before Luke Smith, who’s the current director, took over. So that guy was kind of put aside – he’s not at Bungie anymore – and Luke Smith took over. I believe that was in April of 2016 but I might be misremembering. Don’t hold me to that exactly. So if you think about it that way, they didn’t really have a ton of time to work on this game. It had been a 16 month period between the reboot and when the game actually shipped,” he said.

In addition, while the first Destiny had five years of development “counting the preproduction”, Destiny 2 had a much shorter time frame, about 16 months after leaving its restart phase in 2014, when the address change occurred.

In this sense, Schreier noted that many pieces of planned content of the game ended up being discarded, including the return of certain characters and the possibility of exploring certain planets. Consequently, the team focused more on creating new content for the game from scratch, instead of improving the mechanics that already existed.

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