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Destiny 2 PC version still in doubts

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We know that Destiny 2 will arrive later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, from various time there have been rumors also talking about a PC version of the game currently in development, however there were no confirmation about it and now it is unclear who is working on the edition for Windows.

According to an announcement published by High Moon Studios – the team which is working with Bungie for the next installment of Destiny – it may not be taken for granted for the arrival of the game even on PC.

High Moon Studios is supporting Bungie in the new development of Destiny 2, the company has recently published a job advertisement looking for animators, programmers and graphic designers, but in the ad in question, however, the PC version of Destiny 2 is not mentioned, as opposed to those for the consoles.

It is not excluded that the work can be entrusted to a different team from Bungie and High Moon, but for the moment it is better not to take for certain the release of Destiny 2 on Windows.

It therefore remains to be seen whether it is because of the job posting we get confirmation that they have left the PC platform or if we have to expect that Destiny 2, like the original episode, will arrive on consoles only.

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