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Destiny 2: Neil Kaplan will be the voice actor of main villain “Ghaul”

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Ghaul will be the main antagonist within the storyline of Destiny 2, the expected second chapter of MMO shooter series developed by Bungie. In the last hours, the name of the voice actor was revealed who will lend his voice to the interpretation of the character.

Bungie, the studio that brought us Halo, is currently working on Destiny 2 and has already revealed the main enemy of the game, Ghaul. Now we want to tell you that who will impersonate the main antagonist of the title.

The Ghaul voice is played by none other than Neil Kaplan. The actor and voice actor has revealed his involvement in the project through his Twitter profile, on which we can read the unequivocal words: “I am Ghaul”.

Neil Kaplan has over thirty years experience in the dubbing industry and has worked for video games and animated films. Among his experiences there are also Conan Exiles, Bioshock: Infinite and World of Warcraft: Legion.

Destiny 2 is the new and highly anticipated multiplayer shooter from Bungie. Recall that Destiny 2 will be released on September 8 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Recently, Bungie spoke about the online infrastructure of the title. Also it is now official, the developers have stopped supporting the first chapter of Destiny to focus exclusively on the development of the sequel.

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