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Destiny 2 PC Hotfix 1.05.1 Supports AMD Phenom II, Removes SSSE3 Processor Requirement

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Bungie recently confirmed on its official Twitter account that Destiny 2 for PC will soon receive a hotfix version that will not only have support for AMD Phenom II CPUs but will also remove the SSSE3 Processor requirement and also solve crashing problems with the AMD RX Vega graphics cards.

According to the tweet “Destiny 2 on PC will receive Hotfix tomorrow (10/30) at 10 AM PDT to remove the SSSE3 processor requirement,” Bungie noted.

Last week, it was mentioned that some users who had bought Destiny 2 for PC, specifically those who had an AMD Phenom II processor that had SSSE3 instructions and this processor does not support them, caused crashes and hangs. Logically, this is not good for a Triple-A title, which is sold as one of the best games of the year, but Bungie would be working on solving this serious problem, with an update, which apparently came in a short time.

Bungie did not take long to emphasize that this processor did not meet the minimum requirements specified for this title because it did not have compatibility for the instructions of the Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 type or SSSE3.

The controversy arrived, when the users who had these processors, enjoyed the Beta of Destiny 2 without major problems. It is possible that the Beta of the game did not make use of these instructions, and that it was an attraction for users, but the story, in general, is quite rare.

Bungie’s solution, to put an end to the negative reviews, is to launch a patch to make this game compatible with the AMD Phenom II processors, something that has been posted on its Twitter account.

It was specified in the tweet that tomorrow the update will be launched to eliminate the restriction of this processor. In addition, some users who have graphics cards of RX Vega 64 or RX Vega 56, report crashes in mission number six campaign mode, something that will be solved in this next update, as commented by the developer of the game.