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Destiny 2 Guide: How to Use Cross-Save on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

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In Destiny 2, it is unimportant which platform you are playing on. Thanks to the Destiny 2 cross-save function you can play with one and the same character on PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One. Below, we will tell you how to enable it and use the cross-save function on PS4, PC and Xbox One, so that you can save your game progress on all platforms available.

How to use Destiny 2 Cross-Save on PS4, PC and Xbox One:

First of all, you need to log into, through any account that you have got. After that link your accounts associated with any of your platforms. Now, you just need to log in with your Xbox Live account, your PSN account, your Steam account or your account.

Once you have logged in, just click on the Profile’s Avatar and choose the Cross-Save option. In case you have not done this already, then you should log in with the credentials of the other accounts that you want to use to share the Destiny 2 game progress with Cross-Save. For an example, if you are playing on PC, then just migrate from to Steam. Remember that, from the start of October 1st 2019, the Destiny 2 PC version will be only available on Steam and it won’t be available on as it will disappear from that platform forever.

After that, you will have to specify which account you want to share the progress with all other profiles. Note that, here you won’t be able to select a combination of characters and progress between accounts. Just that a series of the progress of a single platform will be shared with the others.

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If you have played the game on a single platform then the above steps can be easily done, however, if you have played the game on PC and PS4, then you need to select carefully which of the 2 accounts you want to use to share the progress.

Once all the above steps are done, your characters will start to show on the next login to one of these accounts, including all the types of equipment, progress and loot that you have unlocked along the way with the main account. So, from now onwards, all game progress achieved on any platform can be shared with other accounts.

Destiny 2 Cross-Save Restrictions:

Cross-save allows you to share your Destiny 2 progress on all platforms, but with the following restrictions:

The cross-save function of Destiny 2 will let you to share your game progress on all platforms, but there are restrictions that are as follows:

  • Players who disable Cross Save cannot re-enable Cross Save until 90 days after it was disabled.
  • Players who purchase Silver cannot disable Cross Save until 90 days after the Silver was purchased.
  • Players who perform a refund for purchased Silver cannot activate Cross Save until that Silver is re-purchased for that account.
  • Players subject to a ban or restriction cannot activate Cross Save, or disable Cross Save if already active, until that ban or restriction has expired.