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Destiny 2 First DLC Reportedly Blocking Some Endgame Content, Refund Requests Start


The Curse of Osiris has “blocked” some contents of Destiny 2, in fact, it is no longer accessible without having to install the first expansion, making it impossible to unlock all the targets/trophies and complete the game.

According to reports, with the arrival of the expansion in Destiny 2, the minimum level to deal with some activities has increased (to reflect the new level cap introduced).

This means that the Prestige versions of both the raid and Nightfall now have a minimum Power level of 330, compared to the previous 300, and therefore users who have decided not to buy ‘The Curse of Osiris’ are now completely cut off from these activities, since for them the level cap is set at 305.

After learning what has been reported above, some players have asked for a refund of their purchase, because the decision of Activision is a breach of contract, the publisher would be in fact prohibiting the use of content that was previously usable.

The first reimbursement requests seem to have been successful on the Xbox Store, with Microsoft who has granted compensation and so has been done by Blizzard on, at least according to the first testimonies.

On the PlayStation Store, it is not possible to request for reimbursements in these cases, a situation that has displeased some users, who have expressed their bad temper on Reddit, asking Sony to adapt and change their policies.

For the moment, the company has not responded on this issue, we will update you in case of any news.