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Destiny 2: Bungie Unlocks Endgame Content, Admits Mistakes With Content Access


A few days ago we informed you about a recent problem that Bungie faced some problems with Destiny 2 users who complained about some changes in the activities after the arrival of Curse of Osiris. Basically, the players expressed their disagreement with the modifications that made the acquisition of the expansion mandatory, so the company listened to its users and today presented a solution.

Today Bungie reported on its official site that, after listening to the criticism of users regarding the recent modifications of Destiny 2 caused by its expansion, Curse of Osiris, they have made important decisions to respond in an appropriate way to the situation.

Initially the company revealed that its original intention was to improve the progression of the players as experienced in Destiny, that is, because they noticed that some activities lost relevance as new expansions arrived, they decided that in Destiny 2 Normal Leviathan Raid and Nightfall would remain at a level of power accessible to all players, but not all activities in Prestige difficulty, which would necessarily require expansion in turn.

After the criticism received, Bungie accepted that things had not gone as planned and accepted that they were wrong to leave out of reach activities in Prestige difficulty for those who did not have Curse of Osiris, including Trials of The Nine, which was launched with the base game. That’s why the company announced the relevant changes that seek to respond to this situation:

1. The Prestige Leviathan Raid will be brought back down to Power 300, and its rewards will drop down to match the new Power Level. All players will regain access to the Prestige Raid.
2. Trials of The Nine will only require Curse of Osiris when it features a Curse of Osiris map. For all other weeks, it will be available to all players.
3. The Prestige Nightfall will remain a pinnacle activity, at the new 330 Power cap.
4. Normal Nightfall will only require Curse of Osiris when it features a Curse of Osiris map. For all other weeks it will be available to all players.
5. Time limited events – Iron Banner, Faction Rally, and The Dawning, will be made available to all players.

In this way, Bungie informed that the changes will arrive in Destiny 2 tomorrow and Nightfall at difficulty Prestige will be an activity that will necessarily require having Curse of Osiris when requesting power levels of 330.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.