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Destiny 2 Is the Best Launch Ever for An Activision Game on PC

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Activision Blizzard has scheduled a conference with shareholders to discuss the financial results for 2017, with a preparatory document to discover that the shooter of Bungie, Destiny 2, has recorded the best launch ever for an Activision video game on PC.

During the fiscal year 2017, the publisher generated revenues of $2.21 billion, with revenues exceeding one billion dollars, a result also achieved thanks to the Season Pass of Destiny 2 and additional contents of Call of Duty WW2 as specified by the company.

Destiny 2 has therefore recorded the best launch ever on PC for an Activision video game while as regards the console world, Destiny 2 was the second most profitable game of the year, immediately behind Call of Duty World War 2. More accurate data are not known at the moment but tomorrow we will have more updated information from the Activision Publishing financial meeting.

On May 8th, Activision and Bungie will publish Warmind, a new expansion of Destiny 2, which should be followed by a third additional content scheduled for September.

What do you think? In your opinion, how many other companies can indulge in the luxury of not publishing titles for a whole year and, despite this, continue to live with the success of the previous titles?