Destiny 2: 4K resolution confirmed only on PS4 Pro, no promise for Xbox One X

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Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will support the 4K resolution on PS4 Pro, which is currently the only console to implement this feature. During an interview, in fact, the community manager Deej has said that no promise has yet been made for the 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

“We confirmed 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro, have not made any promises about Scorpio (Xbox One X) as of yet. It’s very recent development they just announced two days ago, so we are working behind the scene to see what it’s future holds for us and these are announcements that will make at some point in time,” says the community manager of Bungie, without excluding the support of 4K on Xbox One X of Destiny 2 which might arrive in the future.

Earlier, Bungie has confirmed that the Xbox One X version of Destiny 2 will not run at 60fps. Luke Smith, design director of the upcoming shooter from Bungie, has confirmed Geoff Keighley that Destiny 2 on the Xbox One X will run at 30fps.

Bungie has not explained why Destiny 2 will not run at a higher frame rate on the new console of Microsoft.

We remind you that the new FPS title of Bungie will release on September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.

In another news, NVIDIA will give free Destiny 2 game for the purchase of the GTX 1080 or a GTX 1080 TI, two graphics cards that currently make up to the top of the company in the general consumer graphics sector.

Note that when we say that NVIDIA will give away Destiny 2 when buying one of those two cards we mean that users will be able to download it when it is available, which means that they can download the title in digital version and won’t receive it in the physical version.


  • Only Forza was 60 fps……why would destiny be 60…..when Gears 4 linear campaign is 30 as well…and first party

  • LOL TwoLiterSoda is pathetic. You ever wonder if the X is maybe not as good as MS claims it to be? After all we all already know they lied about the “True 4K” bul*sh”t. And X’s gpu doesn’t have any Vega specs in it whereas Pro’s gpu does.

  • If you think the X can’t run D2 in 4K when the PS4 Pro can, you must be really really dumb.

  • Bungie and sony are showing their true colors, if this article is true im will never buy a game from bungie again!!! How could they do this to xbox customers? Wow!!

  • Gears 4 is only 30 on the Xbox One and One S. The One X is going to be 60. ALso the gameplay footage we got to see of Anthem was running at 4k 60fps on the One X

  • So they confirm 4K on the inferior system but not on the other? Really s*upid and pretty much confirms a parity clause or some kind of f*c*ery going on.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s going to be in 4k but the system hasn’t released yet so who knows when that will be and I’m assuming it will just be a simple update to make it run on 4k and isn’t the xboxonex backwards compatible so most likely it will just be an update when the system comes out.

  • LOL Xbox fans damage controlling. Disregarding that they went for parity on the first game, I expect the same this time around. Let’s look at other games, shall we?

    AC dynamic 4K on Xbonks
    Crackdown 3 30fps on Xbonks
    Gears 4 30fps on Xbonks with adaptive scaling
    Forza still looks like a 360 game
    Minecraft high-texture pack barely looks different
    ARK 1080p
    Anthem dynamic 4K on Xbonks
    TESO 30fps

    I guess Sony paid all them off too, huh? Overhype and underdeliver.

  • i will still never touch a play station sony s^cks as a company,their fan base is as toxic as pc is and psn is down half the thx.

    no ea access,no cross play and psn is down half the time #forthegamers…

  • i think xbox games should boycott this shi*.pc gamers will steal it with g2a and cd keys. they wont make any money on pc. xbox fans boycott it.they will change their tune real quick…besides its just destiny 1.5 any way with a new sub class…

    cant wait for anthem to come out then rip destiny.i hope they got a lot of money from sony for their marketing deal.

  • yep xbox fans need to boycott this cr^p and wait for antherm. its just destiny 1.5 anyway..lmao.

  • destiny 2 will be the next big thing,..

    IF the xbox1X don’t do 60fps, to tell the world “hey, the x1x can do 4k 60fps, the ps4 pro can only do 30fps”, it ia GAME OVER.

    as a huge sony fan (though, don’t like sony^s behavior that much, this gen, they became really greedy, among other things), i hate to see these things.
    for those xbox fans who say it is not right… just imagine how sony fans felt, from 2006 till 2013, when ALL ps3 versions could have been much better than on x360, but bcause of the policies studios had to follow, they were forced to extra polish the x360 version, which ended up making most x360 versions slightly better than on ps3(by 5-10% max, but still enough for the thousands xbox fans and journalists-websites to declare the x360 version the best version).

    i’m happy the x1x is coming, that means more competition, better prices, more polished games, more variety, etc etc.

    Destiny 2 at 60fps on X1X would have been killer. it would be a great advertising, like “hey, our console is the one capable of running 60fps at 4k, because it has much more power than the competition”.

    Now, if sony paid 10 or 30 millions, so bungie-activision can lock the x1x version at 30fps , to AVOID having an inferior ps4 pro version at only 30fps, that is a huge *nuclear bomb* launched over microsoft and its xbox 1 X.

    if this really happens, microsoft might then spend 1 trillion on advertising, the only thing people will remember is “ohh, the ps4 version of destiny 2 will look exactly the same as on the xbox 1 x, so, that means the x1x isn’t that much more powerful than a ps4 pro console..”

    if destiny 2 on xbox 1 x only runs at 30fps, fans will no longer care about 6tflops, 4k, dx12, 4k textures, native 4k, etc etc, and all the incredible X1X numbers.
    To fans, IF the Xbox 1 X CAN’T run Destiny 2 at 60fps, it’s OVER.
    a destiny 2 x1x version at 60fps WAS all the fanbase needed, to eventually invest +500 bucks on the new system. we can already imagine the countless articles, from ign, gamespot, polygon, etc, praising the incredible x1x power, its supremacy over the ps4 pro, and why the ps4 pro could never run D2 at 60fps and true 4k, etc etc.

    we can already imagine all the other articles, claiming the x1x is at least 100 to 150% more powerful than the ps4 pro (60 fps vs 30fps on ps4 pro would mean the x1x would need like 2 ps4 pro systems to reach the 60fps, hence the 100% more powerful).

    also imagine the article from polygon “why you should buy an xbox 1 x next christmas, instead of a ps4 pro”…

    yeah guys, sad moments. i wish no company could accept such deals. deliberately downgrading a game and making it look worse, or run at less fps, thus preventing gamers from truly enjoying their game, at the max quality their console can output, because one of the companies has signed the fattest check… really sucks.

    i got super mad at microsoft after my x360 died. grabbed a ps3, ps4, and ignored the x1. now, the x1x will look amazing, at true 4k. i really want it to succeed, as more competition is always good. so i’m really sad, to see this game being downgraded by bungie, on purpose. ok, i can accept sony was their best partner, for destiny 1. i can accept some exclusive stuff on destiny 2, first on playstation, beta in advance, etc. BUT forcing the editor to make a version LOOK bad ON PURPOSE… wow, just wow.

  • AC is from Bugisoft so dont expect perfection.
    Crackdown 3 hasnt come out yet
    Gears 4 is the same game that I already own, not a remastered version for Xbox One X, hence it will run the same just with better visuals
    Forza es tu pai
    Anthem was running on an XBOX One x, that means it will look even betteron my PC

  • AC dynamic 4K on Xbox one x
    Crackdown 3 4k native on 30fps on Xbox one x
    Gears 4 30fps + graphics update + 4k native on Xbox one x
    Forza 7 is the best looking racing game ever
    Minecraft —–> It does look good with the texture pack but who cares? It’s one of the best selling games of all time.
    ARK 1080p 60FPS on Xbox one X and only 30 fps on the pro
    Anthem 4K checkerboarding (4K only on Xbox one X and PC)
    TESO 30fps 4K
    Shadow of the mordor 30fps Native 4K better than the pro.

    overall your post was full of

  • May 2016: True 4K 60fps ultra textures uncompromised highest quality pixels!

    Now: D-dynamic 4K 30fps medium textures $499 bu bu it looks a little sharper than the hundred dollars cheaper Pro and we have no exclusives p-please buy it

    But hey, keep trying to talk up 4K Minecraft and Forza with its 360 textures. I’ll be here to laugh at you.

  • I don’t remember them saying 60fps for the 4K and they pulled with Forza 7 at high setting. Even digital foundry is impressed by it, here is again the link in 4K 60FPS
    Shadow of the mordor is NATIVE 4K, Crackdown is Native 4K, Forza 4K native and 60fps. PS4 pro has 43% less in GPU, 10%+ less in CPU, 50% less in memory bandwidth, 50% less RAM so everything will run and looks better on the Xbox one X. You can keep keep pulling bulls*its all you want, this FACT won’t change.

  • You don’t remember when you’re an Xbox cul*ist in denial. “Feel true power,” highest quality pixels,” “no compromises.” Here’s checkerboarded 4K 60fps except for a few low-fidelity first-party games and indies. You can rattle off percentages all you want but those bottlenecks and cutbacks and choking the Xb*nks, just like we said they would. Those facts won’t change.

  • They said 4K not 60 fps. It up to the devs to optimize their game and most 1st party games are NATIVE 4k and 30 or 60fps with Forza being a NATIVE 4k 60fps, Crackdown and State of decay being 4k30fps and Sea of thieves (i don’t know about the framerate for this one). Path of exile port as well is like that. The way you write , it seems than you’re the one who is bu**hurt about that and that the Xbox one x is 30-35% more powerful the pro which will leads to most of the multiplatform games to run better on this hardware.

  • They said “no compromises,” that’s 4K 60 in this case. Most first-party games are native 4K because they look awful. Indies will because they of low-fidelity and the occasional third-party because MS paid for the marketing. It’s a shame how that internal mandate means that PS4 exclusives at 1800p manage to have better IQ but that’s what happens when Xbox executives think resolution is the only reason the Xb*ne was a laughing stock in the first place. Checkerboard 4K 30fps for $499 for the last few years of the gen. What a waste of time.

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